Using news or supplying news? We’ve got it covered

The UK's online newspapers offer companies a rich and valuable resource.

If you are a media monitoring organisation, or a client of a media monitoring company receiving news alerts and links to online newspaper articles, then a licence from the NLA will give you and your clients the permission needed to supply, receive and access content electronically.

We are the representative of the most respected newspapers in the UK - that’s 1500 print titles, 1000+ websites and millions of daily articles. So whatever your news requirements, we’ve got it covered.


 Does your company supply or receive content or alerts from UK newspaper websites?

 UK newspapers invest heavily in the creation of online content, up to 61% of which is exclusive to the web and not published in print.  Newspaper websites are a valuable resource for news aggregagtors, media monitoring companies and their clients.

 The NLA supports the business use of publisher content and has introduced a suite of licences and database services to: 

  1. provide improved access to newspapers 

  2. encourage legitimate use of the content  

 These developments ensure that publishers continue to earn a fair reward for the commercial use of their intellectual property.

 Businesses that supply online news to clients will need a Web Database Licence (WDL) and clients of a paid for service from a   media monitoring organisation will need a Web End User Licence (WEUL)


  • Over 78 million* visitors a month
    * Courtesy of Newspaper Marketing Agency
  • Spending on average 10 minutes* per visit
    * Courtesy of Newspaper Marketing Agency
  • 31% of newspaper website content is
    unique to the web
  • 38% of newspaper print content is unique to the printed edition of the newspaper