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Media Monitoring Clients

The UK's online newspapers offer companies a rich and valuable resource. NLA research on a sample of national newspaper articles in 2011 found that:

  • 44% of articles published in the print newspaper were also found on the website
  • 61% of articles published on the website were not found in print but are unique to the web

Applying for a Web End User Licence

New Licensees - If you receive links to newspaper websites and are applying for a NLA licence for the first time you require a Web End User Licence (WEUL) which you can complete via the online form.

Existing NLA Licensees - If you already have a licence with the NLA, you will need a simple extension to that licence to cover the receipt of web links. This will be arranged for you at the time of your licence renewal. However please note that charges will be backdated to cover your use of web monitoring services from when charging was officially introduced on January 1 2010.